Welcome to RBD Shelters, Developers of Commercial & Residential Properties

A Symphony Of Nature Awaits You…

No, it’s just being plain honest. We’ve strived for years working with the best technicians, architects, planners and consultants to put together the finest residential enclave that we possibly could, christening it RBD Stillwaters. What we’ve got on offer are 199 private residences on the banks of Bangalore’s serene Harlur lake. Armed with amenities handpicked to suit residents who would rather tilt the work-life balance heavily in favour of ‘life’, RBD Stillwaters is serenity over 24 acres and happiness for a lifetime.

In addition to living in the midst of such splendour, you are also given the choice of selecting between two entirely diverse yet fabulous design structures by two distinguished and renowned architects Tushar Vasudevan and David Ashok.