April 4th, 2018 Good Health Begins
with a Good Home

Charity begins at home is an old time saying, but in the modern times it can very well be paraphrased to say that good health begins at home. Health is something, that almost each of us are deeply concerned about! As a populace we have progressively become more and more unhealthy and the increasingly levels of obesity, diabetes and heart conditions suggests that this callous attitude towards health has reached its very nadir.

Homes define almost every aspect of our lives, and therefore they influence our health and health practices to a great extent. For example, we often excuse ourselves out of a morning walk because we don’t have space or a park in the near vicinity of our homes. Lack of sunlight and fresh air also effect our health, so homes that are too congested can leave us unhealthy in the long term.

Homes also dictate our eating patterns and stress levels. Staying too far away from school or work place could result in longer commutes and an early morning rush. Both could indirectly affect our breakfast schedules and increasing morning stress. Lack of connectivity could also result in a similar paradigm.

And each of these factors, individually and collectively, lead us into a gradual unhealthy lifestyle – which can often lead to an irreversible damage.

Thus, it is recommended that we make a smart choice on our homes such that our long term health is automatically taken care of! Pick homes with plenty of space, sunshine and natural ventilation. Stay in close vicinity of places that you frequent on a daily basis. Availability of a jogging track, a park and plenty of greenery around also helps.

Home. Health. Happiness.

A three-stage happiness quotient that we all seek, and having the right home sets us on the right track to achieving the remaining two.