June 6th, 2017 Keeping Homes Cool During Summers

Call it climate change or global warming or a simple case of urbanization – even a relatively cooler city like Bangalore has been facing the summer heat, and everyone is rushing to the nearest electronics dealer for an air conditioner. However, there are simple things one can do that will allow you to cut down on the air conditioner usage, and thereby save you plenty in electricity charges.

One of the fundamental factor for increasing heat in the cities is not just rise in temperatures but the falling green cover. Trees provide the perfect, natural air conditioning which is solely missed in our cities today. Thus, the first step towards ensuing cool homes is to have trees around your home and plans inside them. Small saplings in the balcony, potted plants in the hallways and shade giving trees in the vicinity of the homes provide excellent cooling in the summer months.

The heat inside homes is due to the trapped heat that comes in from the doors and windows. It is advised to keep the blinds shut and cover windows with shade-nets during the summer months.

Another simple method of keeping your home cool is to swap polyester upholstery with cotton sheets. For window curtains, sofa covers and bed sheets, go for the cotton option and feel an instant change in temperature.
A very important facet of summer heat is that our bodies need to be cooled down as much as the surroundings. Cooler surroundings without cooling down the body temperature will not have much of an effect. It is equally important to bring down body temperature by consuming lot of liquids, wearing cotton and staying hydrated.