February 26th, 2017 The Best of Cafes around RBD Stillwater, Harlur

Coffee. Conversations. Good Company. That’s the ingredient for any lazy summer afternoon. Explore these urban, contemporary and breathtaking cafes around your home:

  • What’s in a Name: There may not be plenty to the name, but there’s plenty else going on at this chic urbane café located at HSR Layout. Offering signature coffees, coolers and plenty to chew on – the place offers a laidback destination to while away long hours with friends in a conversation.
  • Latte Coffee Lounge: If you love your chocolate shake, coffee and chicken – then this is the place you ought to visit. All day breakfast and a range of hot/cold coffee selections make it the perfect Saturday mid-day destination. Waking up late and in need of a coffee shot with some great grub? Latte Coffee has you covered.
  • Café Trouvaille: The name is a tad French and they make some excellent French fries. For those with a continental taste, Café Trouvaille is your kind of a place. In addition to an excellent selection of coffee, you have some great junk food to go. Burgers, Italian food and some Mexican fare too.
  • Tea Trails: While Indians love their coffee, the colonial fixation with tea is also legendary. Tea trail is for the teetotaler in you with their expansive selection of flavored teas. There is plenty to chew upon and then plenty to ponder over. For that early morning tea fixation, this is your perfect destination in HSR Layout.